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Miftah al Suleiman

Miftah al Suleiman

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Conjuring the of the Jinn, controlling their every movement and commanding the unseen. Miftah al Sulieman while carrying visible age, exhibits an ornate filigree and shoulders like that of a skeleton key... 

The apex symmetrical translucent olive green aqeeq with ringed white pupil sits high on the crown. Though classic set, the steep pitch of the stone leaves a small gap between the fierce clasps adding to the precious elements and balance of Miftah al Sulieman.

Elegant and edgy, the unique characteristics hint of the unseen.

When reaching for this ring, reach with conviction and pure intention, and may Allah subject the very wind, Shayateen and Jinn to you, as He subjected them to Suleiman, upon whom be Peace... 

Size : 9 1/4

Weight: 8.00 grams

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