Where are you located? 

Islamic Treasures is registered under Baraka Enterprises LLC in the United States. However I reside in the Levant to source these relics and treasures at to retain a piece of our Islamic history before it is lost. 

Where do you ship from? 

I ship from Jordan in the heart of the Middle East using registered post with tracking.

How much is Shipping? 

Because I reside in the Levant, shipping to the United States and most European Countries costs $25. I will give free shipping to orders over $250 and each order will receive a tracking number.

What if the ring is not the right size? 

You can use this sizing chart to determine the size of the ring. The current ring size is listed on each product. So only select a ring that will fit you. 

Can you resize the ring? 

Yes, I can resize the ring for you for an additional charge of $25, and I will need 7 additional working days to complete the process. Once a ring is contracted to be resized there is no cancelling the order. 

Can I return a ring I don't like? 

I fully disclose all the details and imperfections of the Legacy Rings within their descriptions.